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Gratitude Changes Everything

Updated: Jun 4, 2020

I received an honest to god real hand written letter this week from a dear friend in Canada. He began by inscribing, “I suddenly feel like Carson in Downton Abbey. The ink well is missing, but somehow with all our technology we have lost this manner of correspondence.” Truer words have seldom been etched on paper.

When I opened the letter and began to read his words, I felt a kind of #excitement I had not felt for ages. Immediately I was connected to my friend in a unique and special manner. Each of his pen strokes #organically connected us together in ways that electronic media could never achieve. I recognized him, not only in the words he selected but also in the grace of his handwriting. His tremendous #artistic flair shone through with brilliance. Each letter “p” and “b” and the upward flair of his "r"’s made me smile with recognition, filling me with feelings of the remembrance of shared, joyful times past.

The body of his letter #graciously caught me up on his #happenings, #hopes and #dreams for the future. It was as a gentle as a hay field swaying in the warm #summer breeze. I felt informed, #nurtured, almost caressed with the #joy and pain life presents to us. Although the paper was long dry, I saw his tear filled eyes and the #joyful #wonder for the future.

Expectedly and eloquently, he brought to finish his soliloquy. His chosen words continue to reverberate to my core: “I hope all is well in your life. #Health and #contentment. #Happiness in small things. A jam jar. A ray of sun. A hug. An unexpected letter. A friend who misses you.”

Such unassuming words enveloped in such tremendous significance and importance. Layer upon layer of expression, challenging me, moving me to scribe these continuing words.

#GratitudeChangesEverything” is floating through the Internet heavens of present. This glorious living message challenges us to find contentment and happiness in small things. Our constant search, yearning for more, bigger, better, faster, more expensive, more modern, the latest, the newest, all that we do not currently have, is a vital trap, the devil in disguise, found inside us all.

By consciously challenging ourselves to feel and think with #gratitude, we help transform our circumstances from scarcity to #abundance. The glass is no longer half empty, but half full. Voila! There is that wonderful everyday throw away French word, Voila!. It is rather simple really, and yet requires returning ourselves to gratitude, moment by moment by moment.

I am #grateful to be where I am, who I am, with those around me. I feel blessed to know and have known such beautiful people such as this special friend who expedited his message to me with pen, ink and paper. Life is short and surely, it is better to be grateful for what we have, than be resentful and dis-eased with all we don’t have. I’m just saying... gratitude changes everything.

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