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Magic is Afoot

I had a dream last night, a wild and magical dream. I dreamt of the past, present and future of my life. Not the Good, the Bad and the Ugly, but instead the Good, the Good and the Better. It awoke in me new passions, vigour and hopefulness. I knew this was another breakthrough for my journey on this earth.

I don’t usually remember my dreams, actually I hardly ever notice them. And yet, before the wonder dissipated, my dream awoke me, compelling me to put pen to paper.

The dream was like a cosmic melange of the best moments in my life thus far, with a wee small glimpse into my future. It’s strange how quickly the details fade, and yet the feelings remained. In the wee hours of this morning, when I would normally feel resentful for being awake, I instead felt energised and reborn. I felt open, sweetly vulnerable and powerful. I remember from past moments, this power is not aggressive, but instead a beautiful power to create a future pathway and ultimately new destiny for myself.

Over my years, I have been a collector of religious iconography. I have always seen them as physical manifestations of windows into another world, another dimension. Collectively, they have been my talisman, a reminder to look deeper, underneath the surface of what I see in my life. This week they got a dusting off and rearrangement. Perhaps it was this action that stirred my inner core.

Now, in my 60th year, during this worldwide deadly virus pandemic, what new horizons await? This morning, in the gentle stillness, as the sun’s golden rays rise and illuminate the old castle walls of Carcassonne, and the birds begin to sing their twinkling songs, I reflect, what’s next for me? What is my destiny and how best can I serve this truth?

You might expect me to know the answer. After all I have just experienced an epiphany. But no, instead I feel a gentle conjuring up from the depths of my psyche a new mission, or perhaps the same mission, just with more obvious sign posts. Whatever is happening feels right, good and on course. As I walk forward, lighter in step, kinder to myself and others, Magic is Afoot.

11 June 2020

Brent Alexander McTavish

The Star card in the Tarot deck is said to bring hope, renewed power, and strength to carry on with life. It shows how abundantly blessed you are by the universe. Some keywords for this card are: Good health, Positivity, Faith, Renewal, Healing, Rejuvenation, Opportunities, Spirituality, Inspiration and Hope. To see this card in your reading is a message to have faith, for the universe will bless you and bring forth all that you need.

Song: God Is Alive Magic Is Afoot · Buffy Sainte-Marie

Album: Illuminations ℗ 1987 Vanguard Records

Lyrics: Leonard Cohen - From his novel: "Beautiful Losers." Published in 1966

Video Provided to YouTube by Universal Music Group

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