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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Sunset view of La Cite de Carcassonne, France with the Pont Vieux and River Aude in the foreground

What should I wear?

Comfortable shoes and casual, comfortable clothing.  Check the weather before you set off: layers are good (outside of summer) and it can be windy!


What if I have food allergies?  Oh, and my friend can’t stand the smell of goat cheese?

If you didn’t let us know when booking, you can always drop us an email at a few days in advance of your tour, and we will adjust.


Wine in the morning? Really? 

Don’t worry, we will enjoy the chocolate, sightseeing and storytelling early on and save the wine tastings with food for a bit later in the tour.


Can our twelve-year-old daughter come with us?

The tour is only suited to individuals aged 18 years and over, as it involves wine tastings and discussions. Please consider the experience of other tour guests, as well as the interest levels of your child. . . the tour is not oriented towards families with children under the age of 18.


We booked our tour, and now a friend wants to join us at the last minute.  Is that possible? 

Possibly. . .send us a quick email and we’ll let you know if we can fit them in!


What if I know nothing about wine?  “Wine snobs” really turn me off! 

Yes. . .we know the feeling!  We believe good food and wine should be approachable above all. You may learn something about our wines, but the goals are to enjoy what you taste and to hear a few stories about our local specialties that will make your visit to Carcassonne come to life. 


How far will we walk?

A typical tour covers about 1.5-2km (roughly 1-1.5 miles) but may vary depending on our stops that day.


Is the walk hilly?

No, the walk is relatively flat (we will leave it to you to climb the hill to La Cité later in the day, if you choose).


Are there places I can sit down along the walk?

Apart from the shops where you sit while tasting, there are benches along the way where we sit for a spell.  The pace is gentle.


Can I bring my dog? 

I wish! I’d love to bring mine, but Guinness stays at home on tour days and yours can’t accompany you either.








What about toilet breaks?

Two of our tasting stops have toilets for customer use, and there are public toilets in Carcassonne if needed in between stops—just let us know.


What if I decide that morning not to do the tour?

Out of respect to our suppliers, it is not possible for us to refund your deposit if you decide not to attend on short notice.


The weather forecast looks bad for our tour day, three days from now.  May I change my booking?

As long as the two-person minimum for a tour is respected, and the tour is running that day, then yes. You may do this via the link on your confirmation or by contacting us via email.


What if it’s raining hard the morning of our tour?  

Our tours run rain or shine, so dress accordingly and/or bring an umbrella.  We will adapt the tour as much as possible to make it more manageable.


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