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“We are all linked by a fabric of unseen connections."

David Bohm

Please mention Cocoa & Grapes when contacting these individuals and their businesses. We work together to promote each other’s success. Reciprocal linking and networking is an important part of our association.

Carcassonne Business Links

Vins & Vinos 

38 Rue Barbès, 11000 Carcassonne, France

A relaxed and vibrant meeting place for locals, wine enthusiasts and visitors from around the world to discover and share new experiences. Regular tastings and informative staff will help you select the right wine, whatever the occasion. We now offer the same range of wines via our online wine shop!

Pâtisserie Bimas
7 rue Arthur Mullot,

11000 Carcassonne, France

Discover outstanding homemade pastry specialties and sweet delicacies from Carcassonne. This family-run business also offers up to 30 different mouth-watering varieties of individual handmade chocolates including ganaches, pralines and up to 10 different bars of chocolat de la maison, including many Grand Crus. 

Natur’Halles Cave

58 rue Aimé Ramond, 
11000 Carcassonne, France

Natural wine has always existed! Shake up your traditional taste sensations. 

The universe of natural living wine offers infinite expressions of terroirs, grape varieties and imaginative winegrowers. . .it is by tasting that we will understand...

Live well. Drink well.

Picking Grapes

La Ferme 
55 rue de Verdun,

11000 Carcassonne, France

Open the doors to this beautiful delicatessen and indulge in over 6,000 gourmet traditional products. Jacqueline and Gilles Fiorotto are among the best foodie ambassadors and sell some of the finest products. You cannot help but be delighted by this shop.

Ouroboros Snake Lion Door Knocker-1.jpg

Images that go BAM

Photographic Art by

Brent Alexander McTavish

“Images that go BAM” is the culmination of over 30 plus years of Brent's dedication to his craft.

You are invited to browse the website, where you will enjoy a wide range of artwork. Should any of the pieces resonate personally, you can easily purchase Limited Edition Prints in various sizes and prices. 

The Past is Gone-1.jpg
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