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Unwrapping French Easter Chocolate Traditions: A Chocolate Lover’s Guide

As the spring season blooms, Easter brings with it a myriad of traditions, each unique to different cultures around the world. In France, Easter is not only a religious celebration but also a time for indulging in delectable chocolate treats. Among these traditions are the beloved chasse aux oeufs and the delightful friture de Pâques, both of which add an extra layer of sweetness to the holiday.


Chasse aux Oeufs: The Egg Hunt Extravaganza


One of the most cherished Easter traditions in France is the chasse aux oeufs, which translates to "egg hunt" and is enjoyed by children and adults alike, as they eagerly scour gardens, parks, and even indoors in search of hidden chocolate eggs. The tradition is believed to have originated in Germany in the 16th century and later spread throughout Europe and often came with families to North America.


In France, the egg hunt often takes place on Palm or Easter Sunday morning, with families gathering together to enjoy the excitement. Children are provided with baskets or bags, and the hunt begins as they eagerly search for hidden treasures. The eggs, beautifully wrapped in colourful foil, come in various sizes and flavours, adding to the thrill of the search.


The chasse aux oeufs is not only a fun activity but also symbolises the discovery of new life and renewal, reflecting the essence of Easter. It fosters a sense of camaraderie and joy as families come together to celebrate the holiday.

Easter egg hunt in France
Chasse aux oeufs

Friture de Pâques: A Delight for Chocolate Lovers


Another delectable Easter tradition in France is friture de Pâques, small chocolate figurines typically shaped like fish, bells, or other Easter-related symbols. (The term also refers to a savoury dish of tiny mixed fried fish, but these are very different!) These miniature delights are made from delicious milk, dark, or white chocolate and are a favourite treat during the holiday season.


The tradition dates back centuries, with chocolate artisans crafting intricate shapes for these charming confections. chocolates are also prized for their rich flavour and smooth texture, making them irresistible to chocolate lovers of all ages. Chocolatiers design hollow hens, eggs and bunnies filled with friture.


In the weeks before Easter, the windows of patisseries and chocolate shops across France showcase an abundant array of friture chocolates, enticing passersby with their whimsical designs. Whether enjoyed as a snack or given as gifts, these seasonal chocolates add a touch of sweetness to the Easter festivities, symbolising joy, abundance, and the simple pleasures of life.


Celebrating Easter with Sweet Traditions


In France, Easter marks the end of Lenten fasting but is also a time for embracing cherished traditions and creating lasting memories with loved ones. As families come together to rejoice in the spirit of the season, they indulge in the simple pleasures of life, savouring each moment of joy and togetherness. Whether it's sharing laughter during the egg hunt or delighting in the sweetness of chocolate, Easter is truly a time of happiness, renewal, and delicious indulgence.

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